Monday, April 8, 2013

Kim Tae Hee

The international fragrance perfumer expressed that Kim Tae Hee’s lovely, sexy, sensual and colorful charms made her the perfect model for Elastine Perfume Shampoo, In the photos, Kim Tae Hee poses holding the shampoo bottles in an elegant, gold colored dress while sporting thick long brown hair and matching makeup.  It’s no wonder why she was chosen as the new face of the hair product’s branding campaign, In the January edition of “Marie Claire” magazine, Kim Tae Hee is transformed into a beautiful shampoo fairy emitting a sweet fragrance.  In the magazine pictorial, the star reveals her shiny and healthy looking hair, making herself the perfect hair shampoo model, Kim Tae Hee, who recently made headlines because of her relationship with Rain, shows off her beauty at a photo shoot.

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