Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cadillac Articles

Cadillac at the moment is an interesting car in the world talking about the international Automotive, Cadillac currently has a luxurious and beautiful design, Cadillac also feature the best in quality, Cadillac has high security system, interior of the car is certainly beautiful Cadillac also charming, the Exterior of course is the best, the quality of the machine is the best this year, it's because Cadillac has a sophisticated engine cooling system is also modern, many people are satisfied to have a car at this Cadillac, Cadillac is a country of origin car the United States, established in 1902, by Henry M. Leland, The company is part of General Motors since 1909, The lair was in Detroit, Michigan, at the time the product is the Cadillac began to advance, because the sales are on the increase, many well-known celebrities to buy a car brand Cadillac at the moment.

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