Saturday, January 19, 2013

BYD Articles

BYD is a car that has the concept interesting and amazing, BYD is a car that has a pulling effect in Asian countries, BYD is a car that has a nice design, BYD has a strong and stable machine, BYD also environmentally friendly car at the moment, BYD has Exterior charming, BYD also has an interior full of charm, BYD Automobile Co Ltd is a People's Republic of China automotive industry with headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, this Company was founded in 2003, is a part of BYD Co Ltd, an industrial battery maker that success and the best, the year 2010 production capacity reached 700,000 units in the first year, their sales during the year were 519,000 units, their Chinese factory top ranking sixth largest Automotive, has also been a popular year for BYD F3 model, which became the best-selling model in China, BYD started forward at this point in the whole world, it was to open a branch almost all over the world, even from the BYD car in Indonesia, America, Italy, and many other countries.

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