Friday, January 18, 2013

BMW Articles

BMWa is a German automotive company which manufactures luxury cars and luxury motorcycles, BMW established in 1916, by Franz Josef Popp, BMW AG is a joint center of the brands MINI and Rolls-Royce, Rover used. BMW is famous as one of the luxury cars with high performance, and also one of the first car company to use advanced ABS technology and the best cars produced by BMW is a car fuel 56%, and 44% were diesel cars, petrol from cars those, 27% use 4-cylinder engine, 9% using 8-cylinder engine, the BMW is currently progressing at all, BMW products sell well in international car sales market at the moment, even BMW gain a huge profit, it is because the quality of cars BMW is the best in the year 2013, the BMW at the moment is a very famous brand in the world Automotive, BMW's official web 2013 is, is the best web about car information around the world at this point, even web recognized by Google is the best web at the moment, BMW has the luxury class, BMW is usual in the life of the rich and famous celebrities, you are interested in BMW product?

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