Sunday, December 30, 2012

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle has a lovely face, like a beauty queen in a story, Camilla Belle hair and style full of charm model for anyone to see, in the case of dress certainly looks pretty and graceful, Camilla Belle is not only beautiful on the question of physical time, for Camilla Belle has a beautiful heart and soul, for Camilla Belle has a good heart once on anyone at the moment, Camilla Belle is a mother who is best for the family at the moment, in every appearance always looks elegant and full of enthusiasm at anyone who saw, because it amazed many people in Camilla Belle, Camilla Belle also love it on beautiful things, beautiful things because of Camilla Belle is the important thing in this world, Camilla Belle is a wise woman , Camilla Belle is a woman faithful to her husband, the husband is a friend of Camilla Belle in love and sadness, for Camilla Belle is her husband in times of life and death, so lucky to have married people with Camilla Belle at the moment, in the eyes of companion Camilla Belle is the best friend of all, Camilla Belle also like the luxury car at the moment, if you want to know what car bought by Camilla Belle at the moment, just come to, is a domain of the car the famous celebrities on this SAA.

Camilla Belle have a completely natural at the moment, Camilla Belle Routh, Camilla Belle was born on, 2 October, in 1986, was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, Camilla Belle became famous celebrities over the role as Jill Johnson in the movie when a Stranger Calls, the last in 2006, at this time of Camilla Belle career success always.

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